Find Well-Being in Your Work, School and Home

I’m sure you’ve that old cliche that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And while it is true an apple may be tasty and nutritious,  it’s best not to swallow the the apple whole.

All too often life is like the apple, sweet, appetizing and nurturing.  At those times, life is good.  But sometimes the demands of living can be tough.  Juggling responsibilities at work, school and home can be all but impossible.

To find true well-being in our lives, we need to take a holistic approach. We need to look to our physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. We need to take care of ourselves first, and then we can  be of service to others and successful in  our endeavors.  Life, like the apple, is best when it is approached not as a whole but in bits and pieces. That way, we can savor each piece!

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